Your Body’s Amazing Healing Powers!

Did you ever think about how your body instinctively knows what to do? If you cut your finger, bruise your knee, or catch a cold, your amazing body knows how to heal. Your body is beautifully equipped with natural mechanisms to repair itself. It knows how to kill faulty cells, fix broken proteins, slow aging, eliminate toxins, fight infections, get rid of foreign bodies, and otherwise keep you healthy. But your body doesn’t just choose functions at random. It seems to “know” what to do, and many scientists are now saying the body has its own kind of inherent intelligence. It seems to have an “information code” that tells it how to grow and repair.

What Do the Mystics Know?

When people heal from a disease without modern interventions, bio-chemical medicine has no framework to support these events. They often dismiss them as spontaneous remissions… or the result of the placebo effect.
But is it a miraculous cure or can science explain how the body heals? Mystics and healers claim we are “energy beings” surrounded by a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrate the human physical body.

At NES Health we call this the Human Body-Field (HBF), and we believe it is the master control system for all your physiological functions.

Information as the New Medicine

The idea of information as medicine may seem radically different. How can something as intangible as “information” have any effect on your body, let alone on the state of your health? It may sound unbelievable, or at least unfamiliar to you, but let’s explore how it works. A perfect example of this is the marvel of life itself. We all start from a single cell that divides over and over again, forming tissues and organs, ultimately creating a functioning human-being. How miraculous is that? And how exactly does nature know what to do? The answer is “information.” Information describes the way our systems are organized, but information also directs the development of that system to create “life”.

Information + Energy = Life

Ultimately, information and energy are the building blocks of life, and everything we do to our body, including all therapies, directly affect our energy patterns. The basic premise for healing is that if cells and other aspects of the physical body are missing the proper information, they can’t do their jobs correctly. Without the correct information, body processes break down, resulting in the symptoms of disease. We are all susceptible to information becoming distorted because we are exposed to environmental toxins and pathogens, too much stress, poor diets, electromagnetic fields, and much more.

The Research into Correcting Distortions

For more than thirty years, Professor Peter Fraser of Melbourne University, NES’s co-founder, had been exploring how to detect and correct distorted information in the body-field. No one had explored health from this perspective before. Professor Fraser was the pioneer. Professor Fraser conducted tens of thousands of experiments and collected data sets that correlate the body-field to the various aspects of the body. These included
everything from cells and tissues, to organs, body fluids such as blood and plasma, and even to emotions. Most importantly, he studied how the body directs and controls energy in the different parts of the body. He devised a way to correct distortions so the body could get back to functioning as nature intended it to, which is to maintain a vibrant state of health and well-being. Peter Fraser developed remedies based on the principle that information can change the structure of a substance, giving it healing properties when that information is transferred to you. We call these remedies Infoceuticals™. They are pure information encoded in structured mineral water. The information in Infoceuticals corrects distortions in the body-field, ultimately directing the body’s own self-healing capacities.